What Roof Type Is Best For My Florida Home?: Our Top 3 Recommendations

Whether you’re renovating, repairing, or building a new home from the ground up, it makes perfect sense to, at some point along the way, wonder how to go about choosing the best roofing material for your property.

As you contemplate various Florida-specific factors while you’re scouring the market, we’re here to help you with some recommendations… 

Consider Clay

If you’re a Florida native or passionate tourist, you might distinguish the city of St. Augustine, Florida as one that is both visually-appealing and widely-recognized overall. After all, it’s hard to ignore a historic city that has Spanish tiles so firmly ingrained into its overall aesthetic.

And the reason these clay tiles are preferred along the Atlantic coastline? Because their strength, durability, and rot-resistance — all results of being fired at a high temperature —  have aided the community’s ability to weather the annual hurricanes that blow across the state and into the Atlantic coastline.

This is all to say, history itself has proven clay tiles to be among the best and most highly-regarded roofing options for Florida residents. Capable of withstanding high volumes of water, heat, wind, and more, protection is inherent when you choose clay.

Make Way for Metal

From salt to sun and storms, Florida residents have many elements to battle as well as extreme weather conditions to try to account for to fortify their home. Thus, metal roofing provides many families with the versatility they need for enhanced longevity.

For example, by residing on America’s peninsula state, chances are most people will find themselves in some proximity to the beach. Corrosion, then, may become a primary concern as a result of the salty air and high winds. Thankfully, metal roofing is not only resistant to corrosion and rusting, but it also offers efficient and effective protection from water leaks and damage… and all without taking on too much weight.

Additionally, this flexible material can be fabricated to adopt any appearance you desire, meaning you do not have to sacrifice curb appeal for the sake of protection.

Safety in Slate

Slate roofing is renowned for its long lifespan and formidable resistance to almost any and all weather conditions, having earned the nickname “the hundred-year roof.” And seeing as it can remain safely in place for up to 150 years, there’s no question as to why.

The stone material of slate roofing renders it not only mostly impervious to the rain, wind, and hail of Florida’s more volatile hurricane seasons, but it’s also virtually inflammable, thereby increasing its overall effectiveness.

Finally, the curb appeal of this material is all but undeniable, rendering it a distinct classic in terms of both colonial and European-styled housing structures. In short, slate roofing has outlasted many of its other roofing counterparts for more reasons than one.

Of course, you may still have further roofing questions that are largely unique to your home, family, or location. If so — or if you’re ready to jump into the contracting process — it’s time to contact Universal Roof & Contracting!

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