Metal Roofing

From aluminum to zinc to copper or galvanized steel, metal roofing is a safe and secure option for most houses. In particular, metal roofing serves the purpose of both enhancing your home’s general curb appeal while also catering to those who are seeking a sturdy material that can weather most elements for long periods of time.

The Benefits of Metal Roofing:

Effective at sealing out water and preventing leaks

Minimal maintenance required over the roof’s lifespan

Environmentally friendly & Recyclable

Capable of withstanding fires and/or lightning strikes

Metal Roofing FAQ

Will a metal roof last a long time?

Yes. Metal roofs are known for lasting about two to three times longer on average in comparison to standard asphalt or wood shingle roofs.

Will a metal roof endure well under extreme weather conditions?

Yes. Metal roofs are durable when pitted against heavy rain, hail, fire, and more. Depending on your metal material of choice, it should also be rated to withstand high winds of up to 120-140 miles per hour.

I’m worried that metal roofing won’t look appealing on my house or fit the look of the neighborhood. What will it look like?

One of the benefits of metal roofing is stylistic versatility. With a variety of options regarding panels, materials, and finishes, you’ll be in control of your roof’s overall appearance. Today, many metal roofs can also be constructed to look like other roofing materials — such as shingles or tiles — or be otherwise designed to your taste.

I’m worried metal may be too heavy for my roof. How heavy are metal roofs?

Contrary to what you might think, metal roofs are actually one of the lightest roofing materials. While the actual weight will be dependent upon your roof’s metal gauge and panel profile, it will likely have a lower weight than that of asphalt, wood, clay, or other roofing materials.

Is aluminum durable enough for my home? I live near the beach.

Yes. Aluminum is suited for areas that have salty air, as it is one of the most corrosion-resistant metals available — meaning it is not likely to rust or undergo any other type of damage as a result of beach proximity.

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