Spanish Tile

Combining beauty with functionality, Spanish tiles are ideal for homeowners seeking to add a unique aesthetic flair to their roof. Sturdy and weather-resistant, Spanish tiles are made of clay or ceramic materials that have been fired at a high temperature, resulting in their reputation for durability and strength.

The Benefits of Spanish Tiles:

Resistant to sun damage, fire, and high winds

Capable of bearing high volumes of water without cracking

Unlikely to develop mold or mildew problems

Upscale appearance increases home value

Spanish Tile FAQ

What material are Spanish tiles made of?

Our Spanish tiles come in your choice of either clay or concrete material, depending on your preference of weight and overall home aesthetic.

How often do I need to replace the tiles?

The tiles themselves should not need replacing. As a result of their durability and resistance to corrosion in salty environments, clay tiles can last up to 100 years — even on homes located on Florida’s coast.

Will Spanish tiles leak?

Spanish tiles should not leak unless you are experiencing an issue with slipped, missing, or broken tiles, or if the underlayment has begun to rot.

Will Spanish tiles keep my home too warm?

No. Clay tiles are built for warm environments that are not subject to cycles of freezing and thawing, making them ideal for the Florida climate. Considered a “breathable” material, they are apt at helping to keep your home cool in the midst of heat.

What if I have a slipped or missing tile?

Tiles should not slip, fall, or go missing so long as your roof is well-maintained. However, this may occur in the event that your underlayment has worn or the nails holding the tiles have been corroded. If your roof is in need of routine maintenance, be sure to reach out to Universal Roof & Contracting today. We’ll inspect your roof and provide you with a guaranteed estimate for free!

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