Roof Repair

From mild roof leaks to extensive water damage or falling shingles, Universal Roof & Contracting will be at your side to make the necessary repairs to your forever roof.

Our team of roofing professionals will be available to answer all of your questions and address your concerns, as well as provide a free estimate of the work, thereby guaranteeing that you receive honest guidance. No matter the type of material your roof features, our team is experienced enough and certified to handle it, including Spanish tiles, asphalt shingles, slate roofs, and more.

Roof Repair FAQ

Can a roof be repaired instead of replaced?

Absolutely. The presence of damage on your roof does not necessarily indicate an overall structural failing. Sometimes, small isolated areas are simply in need of additional attention and maintenance.

Do your repairs and replacements adhere to the Florida Building Code?

Yes. At Universal Roof & Contracting, our services meet the Florida Building Code, one of the toughest and most extensive to be found anywhere. Whether you’re searching for repair services or a total replacement, you can rest assured our services adhere to the code.

Is a roof leak an emergency?

Not necessarily. Small leaks don’t initially pose large threats, though they can grow to become hazardous problems if not attended to immediately. Particularly during heavy storms, a leak can lead to an emergency situation, so you’ll want to ensure any and all leaks are handled prior to the hurricane season.

How do I know if I have roof damage?

If your roof has obvious patches, missing shingles, abnormal stains, consistent debris, or crumbling cement or loose granules, your roof is likely damaged. However, signs of damage will typically depend on your roof’s specific material and unique structure.

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