Flat Roofing

Rather than a sloped, pitched, or angled roof, some property owners decide that a flat roof provides them both more living space and versatility at home. Flat roofs can make for great outdoor recreational spaces or may simply grant the home’s inhabitants easier access to roof-top satellites, gutters, or areas in need of regular maintenance and/or cleaning.

The Benefits of A Flat Roof:

Cost-effective and affordable

Easy to install

Can act as additional outdoor space for your home

Maximizes interior living space with more ceiling room

Flat Roof FAQ

What are some of the best ways to maintain a flat roof?

Aside from regular inspections, one should trim back nearby trees, ensure that adequate drainage systems are in place, and remove any additional debris removed following a storm.

How do flat roofs drain water?

Flat roofs might have one of several drainage systems. A flat roof might feature comprehensive gutters, scuppers (square openings on the edge of the building that allows water to run off), or interior drains that involve pipes.

Is it safe to walk on a flat roof?

Yes. While it’s important to be aware of your roof’s weight limit, flat roofs are commonly used as entertainment and/or recreational spaces. Whether that be a patio space, a plant storage space, a barbecue space, or something else, most flat roofs should be fine to both stand and walk across.

I’ve recently bought or inherited a home with a flat roof in need of further repair. Should I recover the flat roof or tear it out?

Unless the roof you’ve acquired has had serious water damage done to it, you should absolutely be able to recover the roof! You can easily hire a professional, such as Universal Roof & Contracting, to recover the flat roof with rubber, ballasted rubber, tar and gravel, or rolled asphalt.

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