Slate Roofing

Ideal for steep-sloped roofs and built to endure, slate roofing has been nicknamed “the hundred-year roof.” Built of natural stone, extra framing and expert handling are required for proper installation, and many homeowners may ultimately find the classic Colonial and European-styled appearance appealing.

The Benefits of Slate Roofing:

The most fire-resistant of all roofing materials

Distinct texture increase home’s curbside appeal/appearance

Lifespan upwards of 150 years

Little to no maintenance required once installed

Slate Roof FAQ

Are slate roofs eco-friendly?

Yes. For one, slate roofs are environmentally friendly by default seeing as they last so long and do not require regular replacing or disposal of old materials. Additionally, as slate roofs are made of stone and are not mixed with asphalt, plastic, or fiberglass, they are arguably one of the most environmentally friendly of roofing options.

Should I coat my slate roof?

No. Slate roofs are long-lasting as is, and the addition of any paints or sealants will actually expedite the aging process.

What kind of maintenance does a slate roof require?

Slate roofs are low maintenance. Once installed, they only require regular inspections as well as occasional cleanings should there be any remaining debris on your roof following a storm or other forms of inclement weather.

Can slate withstand water and cold temperatures?

Absolutely. Slate roofs have a low water absorption index, making them ideal for areas that receive heavy annual rainfall, such as in Florida. Additionally, slate is built to withstand freezing and thawing cycles, meaning roofs in even the most northern areas of Florida will be durable and longlasting.

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