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The importance of hurricane preparedness cannot be overstated, and while it’s important to keep your documents, evacuation routes, emergency kits, and other plans in order, it’s equally important to strengthen your home, attend to any unfinished home projects, and understand what steps to take to...

It's summer in Florida, and everyone is trying to find the best ways to avoid those higher energy bills that come with higher temps. And residents in Kissimmee have already broke a record in electricity consumption just a month into the summer. And what is...

Does your roof have a leak? Are you unsure if that leak is going to actually cause an issue or not? Our advice? Stop questioning and start doing. When you're waiting around wondering and not taking action, water leaks could be doing major damage to your home. Your roof must be properly installed to ensure that it protects you from Florida's elements of nature.

You have made the step in deciding to get a new roof, and chances are it is your first time. You'll need to hire the best person for the job to ensure that your roofing project is successful. So how do you decide who's the...

For many years, metal roofs have been linked with industrial buildings and barns. They were a less popular choice for residential roofing. Today, however, metal roofs are starting to gain popularity in the residential sector. Nonetheless, there are still a lot of misconceptions about them. Universal Roof and Contracting discusses and debunks some of the most common myths.

Planning a roof replacement ahead of time can save you money and effort, but preventing the need for it saves you even more. This can be made possible thanks to several factors that affect a roof’s longevity, which includes improving roof ventilation. Here’s how it can help.

Planning a roof replacement ahead of time can save you money and effort. While you can do this upon spotting problems, you can also choose to start planning as early as the roof installation. This is possible thanks to several factors that affect a roof’s longevity. But, what are these factors, exactly?

No matter how strong your roofing material is, the daily strain that the weather places on it will eventually affect it in the long run. Cracks and loose shingles are some of the  most common problems that you may notice on your roof. These, however, lead to more serious problems, such as leaks. A leaky roof requires immediate repair as it can lead to costly problems. Universal Roof and Contracting, the local expert on roof repair, discusses some of the dangers of a leak:

An excellent way to keep your system in excellent condition is to address roof concerns as soon as they come up. That said, this doesn’t mean that you yourself should climb onto the roof and fix it yourself. Roof repair is a complicated process that requires proper training. Universal Roof and Contracting, one of the top licensed roofers in the area, discusses why a DIY repair is not a good idea: