An image of the inside of a home, where a ladder is positioned beneath a heavily damaged the ceiling because of a leaking roof.

When You Have a Leak: To Drip Money Into a Repair or Drop on a New Roof?

No matter the season, rain will always make its presence known in the state of Florida.

And while this isn’t a problem unto itself, necessarily, it does become a costly challenge if you notice your roof has a leak. After all, your roof won’t be the only thing to experience water damage as a result.

So, when you have a roof leak, you might face one major question: Do you repair it or replace it?

Relax, It’s Only a Repair

Put simply, a roof leak can typically be repaired so long as it is isolated.

For example, “water damage to a home’s interior or overhangs is commonly caused by leaks from a single weathered portion of the roof, poorly installed flashing, or from around chimneys and skylights,” the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) explains.

Thus, it all depends on where the damage is, as well as how extensive it is. What’s more, partial reroofing will be much more cost-effective compared to a total replacement.

That being said, “one downside to a partial reroofing project is aesthetics,” according to Owens Corning. “It may be harder to match the color of the new roofing materials with the existing ones.”

Realizing You’re Ready to Replace

Simply put, “if you’re experiencing recurring leaks and your roof is out of warranty, a new roof is in order,” Consumer Reports explains.

What’s more, if multiple leaks or irreversible damage spans across a broad surface area of your roof, it may be more effective to go ahead and replace it in its entirety, particularly if your roof warranty has already expired.

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, in particular, says that one should replace their roof if “an inspection of the roof deck reveals rotted or warped wood or large gaps between the deck boards.”

After all, this kind of damage could compromise the structural integrity of your property as a whole.

Plugging Problems with Your Local Professionals

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