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3 Steps For When Your Roof Has Taken Storm Damage

After a hurricane has damaged your roof, speed is of the essence.

If there are holes or leaks, you’ll want to place buckets or pots beneath them to trap falling water. Also, remove any valuables from your attic (so long as it’s safe), cordon off any areas of damage so your family members know not to enter, and use gloves to remove any fallen debris.

Otherwise, here are three critical steps to take as you begin the process of addressing your storm-battered roof:


Step 1: Stay Safe & Assess The Damage

While the storm itself may have passed, it’s important to take stock of your surroundings when you go outside to survey your roof. Proceed with caution and only if it is safe.

If the area is clear, we recommend you avoid getting on the roof yourself and instead use a pair of binoculars to survey and document visible storm damage. For example, hurricane-force wind damage is likely to tear off your roof’s shingles or cause topical wear, whereas hail could create dents on the roof or your gutter system. Also, note any curling shingles or stains that were not previously present, and check out the attic for deeper water damage.


Step 2: Contact Your Insurance Company

Once you have the damage documented, you’ll want to reach out to your insurance company about your roof as soon as possible. Additionally, if you had already called a company for any emergency repairs or bought immediate supplies, keep those receipts handy in the event your insurance will cover the costs you accrued prior to their arrival.

The insurance company will conduct an investigation of their own to document the damage, but keeping your own documentation will help you cover all of your bases.


Step 3: Contact Your Trusted Roofing Contractor

Not only will a locally-trusted roofing contractor be able to perform a comprehensive roof inspection following the storm, but if you’ve worked with them previously, your roof may also have its warranty still in place, thereby saving you money.

Universal Roof & Contracting is one such reliable contractor, proudly serving as a leading Central Florida and Jacksonville roofing contractor for over 27 years! We have a proven history of providing both quality service and workmanship to homeowners in the midst of hurricane season, and we know you’ll realize the difference is universal when you work with us.

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