The Pros and Cons of a Metal Roof

So you’ve narrowed down your roofing priorities to longevity, curb appeal, and even minimal maintenance. In this case, we have little doubt that a metal roofing system is on your mind and — depending on your dream home — maybe already in your heart.

In that case, it’s only natural that you may have some outstanding questions on this particular material.

If so, we are here today to explain some of the most commonly discussed pros and cons of a metal roof.

Pro — Overall Durability

Capable of withstanding destructive wind gusts of up to 140 miles per hour — and likely to last approximately 40 to 70 years on average — metals roofs are widely lauded for their overall strength and durability.

Additionally, metal roofs are a commonly-sought out impact-resistant material, rendering it an ideal roofing choice for Florida residents looking to literally weather any storm.

In fact, most metal roofs today are rated as a Class 4 material by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), meaning that it is a top-tier impact-resistant material and approved to hold up even under a barrage of hail. But on top of that, metal roofs are also capable of withstanding fire, lightning, and corrosion, among other outdoor elements.

Con — Higher Price Point

Should you be looking to replace your roof on a budget, the price on the receipt of a metal roof might just give you pause.

“Metal roofing, generally comprised of 30 percent to 60 percent recycled metal, is often much pricier than traditional roofing [materials] like asphalt shingles or clay tiles,” as reported by CNBC.

This especially depends on the metal material you choose to construct your roof with, as the value from one metal roof to another might change based on whether those homeowners chose a roof of aluminum, copper, steel, or something else.

Bear in mind, however, that while a metal roof might cost more up front, its overall longevity will ultimately save you money as the years go by.

Pro — Energy and Environmental Efficiency

As stated previously, metal roofs are often comprised of approximately 30 percent recycled materials on average. What’s more? The product in and of itself will also be 100 percent recyclable if and when you decide to replace it in the future. Thus, it has become a modern favorite as environmental sustainability has become a primary concern among homeowners.

But it doesn’t stop at the environment — in terms of efficiency, you can also keep energy in the loop.

“Metal is one of the most energy efficient roofing materials available and can save your home up to 40 percent in energy costs, [as well as] provide excellent insulation during the winter,” according to the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA). “The secret to metal roofing’s energy savings is in its variety of finishes. The basic, unpainted metal roof will reflect more solar radiation than an asphalt roof, which absorbs and holds heat.”

Con — Expansion and Contraction

Another factor to consider? Your roof needs room to breathe. 

In other words, the metal components of your roof might expand and contract with time and annual changes in the outdoor climate, ultimately loosening — if not outright distorting — some of the materials.

“Not correctly allowing for expansion and contraction results in roof leaks and makes roof systems more vulnerable to storm and wind damage,” the National Roofing Contractors Association (NCRA) explains.

Thus, should you opt to install a metal roofing system, you should also be sure that the panels are attached and integrated in a way that is conducive to their flexing, thereby minimizing the potential for long-term damage or warping.

Of course, you may still be deciding on whether or not you’re ready to commit to the magic of metal. Otherwise, you may also have other questions about metal roofs that need nothing more than a professional opinion. In either case, it’s time to reach out to Universal Roof & Contracting!

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