3 Tips for Preparing Your Roof for Storm Season

Nobody wants to undergo the inherent stress of having to repair a hurricane-damaged roof. Not only can repairs displace you, but the surrounding damage may pose a danger to the safety of you and your loved ones, making it a precarious situation to tackle in more ways than one.

Thus, you may be asking: How can I better prepare my roof for the 2021 storm season before it gets here?

Simple: check out our top three tips below… 

#1: Commit to a Pre-Season Inspection

The first and most important step you can take in terms of preparing your roof for the impending storm season is to simply gauge its current status and strength. For instance, if there is existing damage or loose material (such as slipping shingles or tiles), you’ll want to be sure to address and rectify the vulnerabilities prior to the onslaught of storms. Otherwise, you may unwittingly subject yourself to water intrusion, hazardous debris, and more.

Thus, we recommend putting “Schedule a Roof Inspection” at the top of your storm-prep to-do list. With a keen professional eye on your home’s topmost structures, you can move confidently into the season knowing that no weakness or deficiency has gone overlooked.

Be sure they inspect

  • The membrane of your roof
  • All flashings
  • Existing mounted equipment
  • Gutters, drains, and downspouts

#2: Remember to Maintain and Manage

While the condition of the roof itself may take initial priority, we urge you to remember the impact your home and its surroundings may have on your roof’s overall structural integrity. For example, you’ll want to trim any heavy, overhanging trees that may be apt to fall or break onto the roof in the midst of high winds and heavy rains.

Additionally, be sure to regularly check and clean your gutters. Should they become clogged prior to a strong storm or hurricane, they may back up and effectively push the water back up and out onto your roof, thereby increasing your risk of taking on water damage and moisture intrusion.

Finally, aside from the aforementioned inspections, be sure you have an annual plan for regular roof maintenance. It’s better to continually tackle small problems as they arise rather than waiting for them to be found all at once after they’ve accumulated.

#3: Update Your Warranties

Have any warranties for your home and/or roof expired? You may want to inspect their expiration dates and invest in renewals in order to mitigate costly out-of-pocket repairs down the road.

That being said, if you already have both forms of protection currently in place, simply be sure to keep your files organized and on hand. Specifically, the policy documents themselves, contact information for the policyholders, and “before” photos of your home will be critical in the event that your home is beaten by the storm.

Do you have further questions about how best to prepare your forever home for a hurricane? Or are you ready to schedule a FREE inspection for your forever roof? Then it’s time to reach out to Universal Roof & Contracting!

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