4 Things to Look for During a Roof Inspection

When was the last time you conducted a roofing inspection? You can avoid leaks, drainage problems and expensive fixes down the line by making sure your roofing system is functioning well. Here is a roof inspection checklist to help ensure a healthy roof.


1 . Broken Shingles

It is inevitable that a roof covered with thousands of shingles may become bent, split, wrinkled or damaged over time. Roof shingles improve your property’s appearance and functions as a waterproofing barrier to protect the integrity of your property’s structure. Inspections help inform you about whether you require shingle roof repair.

Image result for missing shingles on roof

2. Missing Flashing or Gutters

You may be missing some integral architectural elements in your roofing system. Every roof needs a gutter system and flashing to funnel water away. If you already have these installed, you may want to check if they are damaged or poorly installed.

3. Sagging Roof

Sagging roof lines actually mean that you need a roof replacement. It may be harder to notice the uneven lines in your roof unless you look closely from across the road. Your rafters may be damaged, there may be foundational issues, or you have too many layers of roofing already in place.

4. Growing Moss 

Moss thrives in dark, shady environments and can cause your roofing to deteriorate. It causes roof shingles to degrade as it retains moisture. A roofing contractor can help you clean and remove the moss from your roofing without lifting and breaking shingles.

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