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Common Metal Roof Myths Debunked

For many years, metal roofs have been linked with industrial buildings and barns. They were a less popular choice for residential roofing. Today, however, metal roofs are starting to gain popularity in the residential sector. Nonetheless, there are still a lot of misconceptions about them. Universal Roof and Contracting discusses and debunks some of the most common myths.

Common Metal Roof Myths Debunked

Metal Roofs Attract Lightning

The fact is, lightning strikes whatever is closest. That’s why telephone poles and trees are its more frequent targets. Although a conductor, metal does not in fact “attract” lightning and is noncombustible. The metal disperses energy through the structure of your home. If your home is struck by lightning, your metal roof will not catch fire unlike many other materials. The truth is, licensed roofers recommend metal roofs as the best to have in the event of a lightning strike.

They’re Too Loud When It Rains

True, the sound of rain on a metal barn roof can be deafening. However, it’s not so for a house with a metal roof. A house has a roof deck and insulation that muffle noise on any roof. Thanks to them, metal roofs are actually quiet. They can even be quieter than other roof systems like asphalt or clay.

Metal Roofs Are Quickly Dented by Hail

Large hail can damage any roofing system, but not a metal roof, except in very extreme cases. Their durability makes them a better choice in many areas with extreme weather. Even a full storm damage inspection will often not show dramatic damage.

You Can’t Walk on Metal Roofs

There will always come a time when either you or your contractor will need to walk on the roof. Whether it’s to clean out your gutters or to chop down overhanging branches, a roofer will be able to walk on your metal roof. Although more slippery, it’s still safe to walk on for any inspection by a pro.

Are you up for a roof inspection or replacement project? Consider metal roofs. As Central Florida’s leading roofing contractor since 1993, Universal Roof and Contracting attests to their dependability. We’re always ready to serve you in Ocoee as well as other nearby areas in Florida. To schedule a free inspection and estimate with us, call (407) 278-2686.