4 Warning Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof

While your roof is a sturdy structure, it’s far from invincible. Time and weather will take a toll on its ability to protect you from the elements, and the dangerous part here is the warning signs aren’t always obvious. In this post, Universal Roof and Contracting lists four warning signs you need roof replacement soon.

Replace Your Roof

1. The Age of the Roof

The age of the roof is a bit tricky to determine, but it’s one of the easiest ways to tell if it’s time to replace your roof. As a general rule, asphalt shingles have a service life that ranges from 20 to 25 years. Asphalt shingle roofs reaching 25 years are often the exception, not the rule; most start to lose their weatherproofing abilities once they reach their second decade. If your roof is over 20 years old, you might want to start planning for replacement.

2. Buckling Shingles

The roofing shingles will start curling and buckling as they start to lose their roofing granules. It’s also a tell-tale sign that the shingles themselves are several years past their life expectancy. Curling and buckling shingles are also a warning sign that your roof might be defective, especially if does this relatively early in its life span.

3. Worn-Out Flashings

Flashings are thin metal strips that protect the roof’s more vulnerable parts, such as the hips and valleys. Unfortunately, these are one of the first things to get worn down by water. Failure to replace these on time might end up forcing you to do extensive roof repair, especially when a leak manages to penetrate and affect the wooden parts of the roof structure.

4. Granules in the Gutters

Finally, check for the presence of roofing granules in the gutters. The shingles lose them over time, but if there’s an unusually high amount of them in the gutters, then that’s an indication that the shingles are nearing the end. It’s actually safer to check through the gutters as the shingles themselves might be too brittle and spongy to tread upon safely at this point.

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