An image of a slowly degrading shingled roof

Putting a Price on Your Roof: Builder Grade or Bust?

We have two questions to ask you today:

  1. Are you a new homeowner?
  2. If you’re not a new homeowner, have you replaced your roof since you first purchased it?

The reason we ask is simple — because you don’t want to be left living under a buyer-grade roof for longer than necessary.

Here’s why:

What Is A Builder Grade Roof?

While there’s no one set definition for what constitutes a “builder grade” product, there is a general consensus that such items are considered “low tier.” In other words, they are known for being affordable as a result of mass production, achieved using low-cost materials.

And, as a result, they typically don’t last long.

For example, builder-grade roofs are commonly made using three-tab shingles, the likes of which cannot withstand the heavy moisture that Floridians are subject to every summer and throughout the hurricane season.

Additionally, “one of the most significant disadvantages of using 3-tab shingles is having thin frames. This makes it susceptible to wind uplift,” Room Claim explains. “And without proper maintenance they can become loose, allowing strong winds to damage your roof.”

How Long Do Builder Grade Roofs Last?

On average, homeowners can expect their builder-grade roofs to last them about 15 to 20 years total. And while this may sound adequate, the truth is that this is actually a minimal length of time compared to products of higher quality on the market today.

For instance, architectural shingles — which are considered one tier up from three-tab shingles — can last for approximately 24 to 30 years. And it only goes up from there.

In fact with routine maintenance…

And while these materials do usually come with a higher price tag, they’re likely to save you money in the long run. After all, not only will they simply outlast any three-tab shingled roof, but they will also bear the battering of Florida’s volatile weather patterns, thereby saving other areas of your home from other forms of costly destruction.

Why Should I Call Universal Roof & Contracting?

Perhaps you need an upgrade from a tired and worn builder-grade roof, or perhaps you’re hoping to repair and rejuvenate your existing roof before hurricane season officially begins.

In either case, our team can help!

Here at Universal Roof & Contracting, we’ve provided expert roofing services and the nation’s best warranties to property owners across Jacksonville and Central Florida. We have more than 28 years under our belt, which means we’re perfectly equipped to help add years to your roof!

So, don’t settle for buyer grade — not when you can begin to experience the safety and assurance that comes with an industry-leading forever roof.

To get started, reach out to our team today and schedule your FREE inspection by calling 855-ROOF HELP!