A sign that says "hurricane season" in front of dark, stormy skies

Where Preparedness Meets Professionalism: Bracing for the 2022 Hurricane Season

The hurricane season may not have arrived in a bevy of blustery winds quite yet, but it is most certainly on the horizon. Thus, it’s time to start making hurricane preparation a priority.

You may be wondering, however: When, exactly, do I need to start making my actual preparation? And what all needs to happen to make sure I’m protected from both wind and rain?

We have all the answers you need below:

#1 — When to Start Preparing

The best time to start preparing for hurricane season is, without a doubt, now.

It doesn’t matter if the season is around the corner or still months away; by starting now, you can get one step ahead of the game and find peace of mind before the ceaseless storms swirl their way through.

Otherwise, “the best time to prepare for a hurricane is before hurricane season begins on June 1,” according to the National Weather Surface. “It is vital to understand your home’s vulnerability to storm surge, flooding, and wind.”

Bear in mind that this preparation should include both a roof inspection and regular roofing maintenance.

#2 — How to Start Preparing

When it comes to laying out concrete plans for hurricane preparation, we encourage you to think in terms of bulk.

“After assessing damages done from hurricanes in the past few years, Floridians are encouraged to have at least 7 days of supplies,” the Florida Division of Emergency Management recommends. “These supplies include food, water, medicine, batteries, etc. Each family and business is advised to be adequately stocked and prepared to face this hurricane season.”

That being said, when it comes to your roof, you’ll want to be clean and fortify three of its most vulnerable components:

  • The outermost roofing material
  • The flashing
  • The gutters

Also be sure to check your attic, visually inspect your roof for slipped or cracked shingles, and trim surrounding trees that may prove hazardous.

#3 — Preparing with Local Professionals

If you’re new to Florida, a new homeowner, or simply new to being the one in charge of hurricane preparation, it makes sense that you might not know where to start. In particular, as your roof is a multifaceted — and integral — element of your home, you want to make sure it receives the utmost in terms of attention and care.

And that’s why, here at Universal Roof & Contracting, we provide FREE roof inspections!

In fact, not only do we provide customers with the nation’s best roofing warranty, but we’ve also been serving both Jacksonville and Central Florida residents for over 28 years! In other words, we have the knowledge, skill, and experience to help keep you safe.

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