What To Do Before & After A Hurricane Hits

The importance of hurricane preparedness cannot be overstated, and while it’s important to keep your documents, evacuation routes, emergency kits, and other plans in order, it’s equally important to strengthen your home, attend to any unfinished home projects, and understand what steps to take to protect yourself after the storm has passed.


Securing Your Home Before The Hurricane Hits

  1. Trim Surrounding Trees — Large or overgrown trees with branches that hang above your home are liable to fall over or break off, putting both your home and its inhabitants at risk.
  2. Assess Your Attic — If your attic has any cracks, leaks, or existing water damage, hurricane-force winds and strong rain may not only further damage your attic, but spread to other areas of the home.
  3. Clean And Clear Your Gutters — Your gutters are designed to lead rainwater away from your home. If they are clogged, they will function improperly and water could back up onto and/or into your home.
  4. Check For Loose Shingles — Loose shingles can create pathways for water intrusion if not outright costly roof damage, meaning you want to secure and reinforce any loose components that may have gone unnoticed.


Attending To Your Home After The Hurricane

  1. Document Any Damage — If you noticed any damage to your roof or other areas of your home as a result of the storm, be mindful to take photos at a safe distance so that you have documentation on hand.
  2. Avoid Areas Of Damage — Not only can you be at risk for coming into contact with downed electrical lines or other sharp, dangerous debris, but hurricane damage can also release hidden mold spores, exacerbate existing water damage, and collapse your home’s structure.
  3. Avoid Stormwater — Stormwater can contain bacteria, chemicals, floating debris, or even begin to rise again without warning. Avoid wading into or driving through such water around the home, particularly if you live near one of Florida’s beaches or rivers. 
  4. Obtain Proper Protective Gear For Clean-Up — As you begin the preliminary stages of cleaning and repairing after the storm, always wear gloves, protective clothing and eyewear, as well as a mask to avoid dangerous and unexpected contact with debris.


Schedule An Inspection As A Before & After Precaution

Last but certainly not least, one of the best steps you can take both before and after a hurricane is to call your locally trusted professionals to perform a roof inspection on your home.

Not only do you want to be aware of any structural defects or weaknesses prior to a hurricane barreling across or around your community, but you’ll find that both peace of mind and long-term longevity of your roof are two invaluable benefits to reap when you schedule a post-storm inspection.

If you’re ready to schedule your roof inspection, or if you have further questions on how else you can tend to your home during the ongoing hurricane season, it’s time to reach out to Universal Roof & Contracting!

We have over 27 years’ worth of experience in repairing and replacing Florida roofs, so we guarantee you’ll find that the difference is universal when you work with us. Contact Universal Roof & Contracting at 1-855- ROOF-HELP or visit us online to learn more today at www.universalroof.com!