Our Top 5 Care Tips for Spanish Tiles

Durable, pleasing to the eye, and lauded for its iconic history in Florida, the Spanish tile is unmistakably unique in terms of roofing materials. What’s more, they’re weather-resistant and capable of increasing your home’s value.

The only question, however, is that of care.

If you’re considering Spanish tiles for your home or are relishing in a newly-installed roof, don’t worry — Spanish tiles are long-lasting so long as they are well-maintained. Here are our top five tips for remaining confident in your roofing care:

  • Avoid Pressure Washing

While pulling out a pressure washing may seem tempting, we recommend you either call in a professional to perform the job or simply avoid pressure washing altogether. This is because aiming a pressure washer directly at the tiles is liable to crack or chip them, thereby exacerbating any existing problems if not simply creating new ones.

If you do use water, either use a low pressure pointed at indirect areas or apply a scrub brush with water and detergent.

  • Remove Algae and Moss

Particularly for Florida residents who live near the water or have towering trees overlooking their home, algae and moss may gradually build up on the surface of the Spanish tiles, thereby deteriorating the materials beneath and potentially clogging drainage points. Thus, it is imperative that you attend to this growth in a timely manner.

You may also want to consider entirely cutting away any nearby plant growth that hangs over your roof.

  • The Small Details Matter

If you see the occasional small chip, dip, or crack in an isolated area, don’t brush it off. While procrastination feels like a preferable option, the truth is that small damage can easily grow and spread over larger surface areas of your roof — especially when the annual hurricane season returns.

Remember: When it comes to your roof, you never want to let anything slip through the cracks. Literally.

  • Apply a Sealant

Remember how we broached the topic of algae and moss earlier? Good news: there’s an easy way to help prevent such harmful growth. In short, by applying a sealant to your Spanish tile roof, you can easily protect the areas that are liable to trap debris or allow water to seep in, thereby offering comprehensive coverage.

And if you’re not sure what sealant to apply — or how to apply it — we recommend reaching out to our team with further questions.

  • Conduct an Annual Inspection

You know what they say: The best treatment is prevention. That’s why annual roof inspections prove invaluable to home and business owners alike; because they help you to identify and repair small defects before they become even larger, more overwhelming problems.

What’s more, they can provide you with peace of mind when you’re not sure whether or not there is something worth worrying about over your head.

At the end of the day, maintenance is a massive component in terms of keeping your forever roof in forever-safe shape.

That’s why, here at Universal Roof & Contracting, we offer FREE inspections! Having served both Central Florida and Jacksonville for over two decades, you can feel confident knowing we have the skills, resources, and expertise to ensure your roof is as resilient as possible.

So, are you ready to get started? If so, contact our team today by calling 855-ROOF-HELP! We can’t wait to help you keep looking up.