Answering Your Top 3 Questions About the Importance of Gutters

When you think “roof”, you likely find yourself thinking of shingles. Soffits. Fascias. You may even think, in less desirable circumstances, of ceiling leaks.

But how often do you stop to think about the matter of gutters?

An integral part of your overall roofing system, some may be left wondering whether or not they truly need gutters. The short answer is, “yes,” you do, but allow us a moment to delve a little further into the matter at hand by answering some common gutter-related questions:

What Do Gutters Do?

Gutters are designed to guide rainwater down and away from the home, thereby mitigating the likelihood of water damage. Specifically, the water is collected from the roof and led through a downspout, which then safely deposits it a safe distance from the foundation of your property.

Thus, as water rolls down the slope of your roof, gutters protect your home in two primary ways:

  1. They protect your roof from rotting or leaking as a result of high water volume
  2. They ensure that the water that is guided down does not sit at the base of your home, thereby eroding the ground and causing foundational deterioration

Additionally, if you have landscaping elements that require high maintenance and a greater degree of protection, gutters may serve to protect those plants as well.

Why Are Gutters Important?

Without gutters, all of the aforementioned home elements are more susceptible to damage, as they are exposed to sitting water for prolonged periods of time — especially here in Florida.

“Florida climate is characterized by wet and dry seasons, with rainfall predominantly occurring between June and October,” according to data collected by the University of Florida. “Annual rainfall amounts range from 40 to 60 inches per year depending on the location.”

In other words, gutters are not only important for most homes in general but are especially necessary for Floridian properties that are regularly battered by summer rains and the annual hurricane season.

In order to keep them functioning optimally, then, homeowners should inspect and clean their gutters on a routine basis. They may also want to consider investing in a gutter protection system that helps to mitigate debris-related clogging.

What If My Roof Is Undergoing Repairs/Replacement?

Come time to repair or replace your roof, your gutters may also come into question.

If you are happy with your gutters as they are, our team here at Universal Roof & Contracting will take the necessary steps to protect them for the duration of our work on your roof. In most cases, the gutters themselves do not need to be removed in order for our work to be completed.

However, many homeowners find that, as their roof is repaired or replaced, it may also be a fortuitous time to purchase and install new gutters.

In either case, we’re happy to answer your questions and navigate you through the process of roof-related renewal. To learn more about what we can do for you, or to schedule your FREE inspection today, contact our team today by calling 855-ROOF-HELP!