An Age-Old Roofing Question: To Repair Or To Replace?

You’ve pulled out the ladder and now find yourself shaking your head, sighing as you eye the damage that has been inflicted upon your roof. What’s worse, appearances can be deceiving, meaning roof damage that looks minuscule may, in reality, be a safety hazard that quite literally looms over your head.

The question, then, is which is it, and how can you tell?

How do you know whether it’s time for a roof repair… or an overall replacement?

Readying For Repairs

If your roof has fallen victim to aesthetic damages or small blemishes, a roof repair may be sufficient to return it to an optimal condition as well as extend its overall lifespan.

Simply put, a couple of slipped shingles or a leak that was detected within a timely manner simply may not merit an overall replacement. Particularly if the damage does not extend beyond the surface and into the flashing or below, many will find the challenge both manageable and more financially attainable.

And even if the damage does take up a relatively large portion of the roof, so long as it is within 25% of the total area of the roof or roof section, you should still be able to get by without an overarching replacement job according to the Florida Building Code.

Relying On A Replacement

Should the damage extend beyond the mere 25% percent of a roof section — or render the integrity of the underlying structure wholly unstable — an entire roof replacement may be in order.

What’s more, if the roof itself is aged and has become vulnerable to a regular cycle of damage and repair, then investing in a replacement roof is likely to be the fiscally responsible decision.

“In general, roofing repairs are going to cost less than a complete reroof project,” Owens Corning explains. “However, if you’re paying for a slew of repairs over the course of a few years, they might eventually exceed the cost of an entire roof replacement.”

And then, of course, comes the big damage.

Should a tree fall into your home during a hurricane, heavy wind and rain batter the roof until it caves, or mold and mildew eat away at the safety and longevity of the wood, it’s time to put your safety first by finding a new forever roof.

Protection Found With Professionals

That all being said, there will still be the possibility that you’re not sure which category your roof damage falls into.

But don’t worry, that’s where Universal Roof & Contracting comes in!

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Regardless of whether you need a repair or replacement, we can guide you through the process. To find out for yourself how the difference is universal with our team, contact us today by calling 855-ROOF-HELP.