Roof Punctures: Definition, Causes and Prevention

What Is a Roof Puncture?

A roof puncture occurs when weight and sharp pressure creates a hole in roofing material. Punctures are dangerous because they are easily overlooked, more than other types of roofing damage. Moisture may then leak into the vulnerable areas of the roof.

Weather Conditions and Age

One common cause of roof punctures is weather conditions. Debris from a storm with strong winds can hit your roof and compromise its integrity. Branches or other stray materials hurled against your roof during heavy rainfall may create leaks that cause damage to interiors. Older roofing also usually wears over time, making it more susceptible to punctures.

Roof Traffic

Certain structures like antennas and HVAC systems installed on your roof can affect materials beneath and cause punctures to develop. When plumbers, technicians or other personnel go on your roof for commercial flat roof repair or other services, the foot traffic can deteriorate the condition of your roof and cause punctures. (A flat roof may be more at risk for punctures because weight is not displaced on a flat surface.)

Preventing and Repairing Roof Punctures

Commercial property owners who attempt to DIY repairs may unintentionally cause more harm than good to their roofing. Specialized knowledge and experience in roofing installation can help avoid accidental roof punctures and other problems.

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