Making Sense of Roofing Materials & Warranties

Without question, you want coverage on that which is most important to both you and your family… and that includes your roof.

But when it comes to roofing warranties, the small details are liable to change, and even coverage from contractor to contractor will never be the same.

So, how might a roofing warranty change for a metal roof versus a shingled roof?  Moreover, what other information do you need to successfully navigate the warranty landscape?

Metal vs. Shingle Roofing

Contrary to popular belief, metal roofing materials are one of the lightest materials available. What’s more, from copper to zinc, aluminum, galvanized steel, and other types of metal, homeowners have options in terms of the product itself.

Lauded for longevity, metal roofs are also durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, are a timeless classic for roofs of all kinds. They’re less expansive in comparison to metal and are easy to install, on top of requiring minimal maintenance.

That being said, they are not necessarily as resistant as metal when it comes to corrosion or lightning strikes.

Warranty 101

Again, no two warranties are ever written the same, making it imperative that homeowners read the fine lines before agreeing to a specific warranty.

“Given all those gotchas, a warranty probably shouldn’t be your main focus in choosing a new roof,” Consumer Reports explains. “Rather, our testers recommend that you place your faith in a strong shingle and a reliable contractor.”

Once you have chosen a warranty you are comfortable with, however, remember to check the requirements of that specific warranty registration. You should be able to acquire the requirements from the manufacturer before proceeding.

Types of Warranties

According to Owens Corning, there are three different types of roofing warranties:

  • The standard manufacturer’s warranty — covers purchased products
  • The workmanship warranty — covers contractor installation

The extended manufacturer’s warranty — covers contractor workmanship; may also feature an expanded coverage for the aforementioned products

Take note, though, that whether or not a roofing warranty changes depending on the material would depend on the specific company or contractor you’re working with, so remember to ask and explore your options before committing to their coverage.

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