Rain pouring down on the edge of a shingled roof

Searching for an Unseeable Source: Where is the Water Damage Coming From?

“The average home insurance claim for water damage is $11,098,” iProperty Management reports.

But what if we told you that this overall cost didn’t only encompass flooding, burst pipes, and other indoor manifestations of water damage? That is, what if we told you that roof damage can be equally — if not more — costly?

After all, roof leaks are sneaky in their ability to go unnoticed, thereby allowing for further degradation to occur below the radar. And by the time you realize it, the water damage may already be extensive.

But we’re here to help.

Driven Crazy by the Drip

It goes without saying that the worst part of a hidden water leak is that it takes a while to realize it’s even there. And, especially when the leak is above your head and out of sight, you might not even know what to look for.

So, let’s clear the murky waters on this matter…

According to Owens Corning, the five telltale signs of a potential roof leak include:

  • Water stains on the ceiling and/or walls
  • Missing shingles
  • Cracked and/or damaged roof shingles
  • Missing and/or damaged flashing
  • Wet roof decking as seen through the attic space

Thus, if you’re beginning to pick up on musty or mildewy scents, we recommend you keep an eye out for the aforementioned.

Mitigating Dastardly Damage

In Florida, there’s no shortage of rain from which you need to protect your home. Particularly when the annual hurricane season repeatedly sweeps its way across the state, your home is liable to take damage that, consequently, leads to water damage.

That’s why, in order to mitigate impending water damage as soon as possible, you’ll want to schedule annual roof inspections and maintenance appointments.

Otherwise, small home improvement chores, like inspecting your attic, may make a big impact in the long run.

You may also want to try to “install gutter guards to prevent gutter clogs and keep water flowing away from the house instead of accumulating on the roof,” as recommended by the Insurance Information Institute (III).

Professional Prevention and Protection

Here at Universal Roof & Contracting, the long-term safety and wellbeing of our customers is our primary concern. That’s why we’ve provided expert roofing services to the home and business owners of Jacksonville and Central Florida for over 28 years!

Not only do we offer the nation’s best warranty, but we provide customers with FREE inspections to empower them with knowledge before they make a decision.

So, are you ready to learn more and mitigate the impact of hidden water damage? Then contact Universal Roof & Contracting today by calling 855-ROOF-HELP! We look forward to helping you feel confident under your forever roof.