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Things to Keep in Mind During Your Next Roof Replacement

Although replacing your roof is exciting, it’s also one of the few home improvement projects that you can’t afford to treat lightly. Residential roof installation is tricky business, and several factors will affect the long-term performance of your roof.

Things to Keep in Mind During Your Next Roof Replacement

In this post, Universal Roof and Contracting discusses a few things to keep in mind during your next roof replacement project.

Roof Installation Is Labor-Intensive

Roof replacement will set you back in terms of time and resources, which is why it’s one of the few home improvement projects you should never do yourself. While the price tag is bigger than other home improvement projects, it will be unnecessarily expensive if you do DIY replacement. Not only do you have the secure equipment and materials on your own, you risk doing poor workmanship, which will end up costing you more in the long run.

The Design of the Roof Matters

The design of your new roof is more than just for show. The way the structure of the roof is shaped and designed will affect its long-term performance, including how it handles weather and the local climate. Flat roofs may be attractive, but they tend to cause rainwater to pool on its surface. Consider your roofing options, and base your choice on your local area’s unique requirements.

Roofing Materials Matter Too

Since you can choose from a range of roofing materials, it may be difficult to commit to one. As with design, account for the local climate and other quirks in your neighborhood. Asphalt shingles are a safe bet because of their ability to resist heat and rain. If you live in an area with stronger than usual winds, however, metal roofing is the better choice.

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