A Peek Into a Roofer’s Toolbox

When your shingles are failing, and your roof is leaking, you know it’s past time to do some roof repairs. Though it’s your home, doing shingle roof repair alone is a dangerous task, and you might not do the repairs effectively anyway. That’s why hiring professional roofers like us at Universal Roofing and Contracting is the smartest route as we can provide service beyond your expectations and at a fraction of the time you would have done it yourself.

A Peek Into a Roofer’s Toolbox

However, our crew, while talented, cannot provide the level of service we want if we do not have the proper tools. Here are some of the equipment we use in a typical roofing project.

A Ladder (Or Similar)

This might not be as specific as you might expect, but these tools are necessary to reach the roof itself. Tools like a ladder, scaffolding or even a crane are essential for any roof repair or replacement project.

Fall Protection Kit

This is another important tool to have when doing a roof project. Using a roof anchor, harness and a rope line are essential to help you shimmy up and down when repairing, cleaning or inspecting. These items are crucial when the roofer is planning to do a roof replacement and could even spell the difference between an accident and a graceful descent.

Sturdy Lumber Strips

Reliable and sturdy footing are crucial in any roof project. These lumber strips can give a roofer’s feet the support they need to move around the roof and complete their tasks. Roofers would usually brace and unclasp these stumps as they move about your roof.

Utility Knife

A handy knife is a roofer’s trusted friend, from cutting or trimming shingles to assisting in a gutter installation. The sheer flexibility of what a utility knife can bring makes it a roofer’s best friend.

There are so many tools that a roofer needs in a project, but you can be sure that our experienced crew has these tools ready and in fine condition. You can reach us today at (407) 278-2686 to learn more about us. We serve homeowners in Orlando, FL, and nearby areas.