A visual comparison of different roofing materials and shingles sitting side-by-side

Putting Value on Top: Can Your Roofing Material Increase Your Home Value?

“Quality shingles act as a protective barrier to your property, help keep your home adequately insulated and potentially increase your home’s overall value,” HomeAdvisor explains.

But is it only shingles, or should you take other materials into consideration? And if so, which materials?

When it comes to increasing your property value via your roof, the good news is that you have options. Here are three of the most common:

Let’s Talk Traditional Shingles

“Asphalt shingles remain far and away the most popular choice because they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to install,” according to ConsumerReports.

After all, asphalt shingles are both cost-effective and functional.

Particularly well-regarded for being easy to install, available in a wide variety of colors and textures, and requiring low maintenance, you cannot go wrong with this standard roofing option.

That being said, if it’s home value you’re looking for, you’ll also want to take longevity into consideration. And while asphalt shingles are classic and reliable, they are not necessarily as durable as other, sturdier roofing materials.

Savoring the Spanish Tiles

There’s a reason St. Augustine is so visually distinguishable, and it is largely thanks to its expanse of clay tile-clad roofs.

Increasing your home’s value in both strength and aesthetic, Spanish clay tiles are far more resistant to sun and fire damage than their shingled counterparts. After all, they are fired at a high temperature — and are sometimes constructed with concrete — rendering them incredibly durable.

They are also less likely to develop mold and are capable of bearing high volumes of water.

In effect, they’re definitely the next step up when it comes to reinvesting in your roof.

Staying On Top with Slate Roofing

Generally speaking, slate roofing “costs more than most types of roofing, besides maybe clay tile, but it’ll last 2 to 4 times longer than most,” according to Home Advisor. Thus, it has been aptly nicknamed “the Hundred-Year Roof,” and is lauded for its overall strength.

Slate roofs are typically built with natural stone, making them the most fire-resistant of all roofing materials.

With little to no maintenance required after installation — in addition to decades’ worth of aesthetic appeal — this is one of the most ideal options with regard to increasing your home value.

What’s more? You still have more materials beyond these three, including metal roofing, stone-coated steel, and more. But if you’re lost in the ocean of options, our team here at Universal Roof & Contracting can help!

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