Universal Storm Inspectors Assess Hail Damage

Storm Inspectors Assess Hail DamageUniversal Roof & Contracting storm damage inspectors continue to assess the damage to Lake and Seminole County homes from last weekend’s band of hailstorms. Delivering quarter- and half dollar-sized hailstones, the recent storm appears to have affected a growing number of area homes. Universal estimator, Eric Vyborny, shares about the homes he visited yesterday. “I inspected a half a dozen houses yesterday, and most suffered moderate to major damage as a result of Sunday’s hail. Luckily, our processing department is great at working with everyone involved.”
Intake Administrator, Donna Sonnefeldt, continues to receive calls from homeowners concerned about hail damage. “I tell them they are better safe than sorry,” Donna says. “Even small hailstones can erode shingles and cause problems. Our guys can assure homeowners just what is wrong and what needs to be done to keep their roofs intact and protect their homes.”
During the roofing “slow” season, sudden hailstorms like Sunday’s, remind us that our Central Florida weather can be brutal on a house, and the rainy season is just around the corner. Wind driven rain, hail and strong wind gusts can cause significant damage to roof and siding materials. Shingles are eroded, windows shattered, and seals broken. And water intrusion often leads to interior damage, wood rot, and mold infestation. The sooner these vulnerable areas are detected, the better for keeping subsequent water damage to a minimum.
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