Universal Roof Helps with Mystery Wall Switch

Ken and Jared help troubleshoot In The House listener, Nile’s electrical problem. Nile recently moved into a house with faulty wall switches that are supposed to control the combo ceiling fan and lights.

Electrical ContractorNile:I just got this house and in all three bedrooms I have to turn the ceiling fans and lights on or off with the pull chains because the wall switches don’t work.

Ken: So your problem is that the ceiling fans are not being controlled by the wall switches even though they are getting power because they will turn on when you pull the chain on them?

Nile: That is correct.

Jared: In this case, if the ceiling fan has power and turns on with the pull chain, but the wall switch is not controlling it, then you have a constant flow of power running to the fan. If that switch ever controlled the ceiling fan and the switch became faulty at some point then it is most likely that you would not be getting any power to the fan at all. What this leads me to believe is that the wall switch never controlled the ceiling fan and light. Chances are it actually controls a single outlet somewhere in the room. A simple solution for your problem would be to have a licensed electrician install another wall switch that will control the ceiling fan without you having to use the pull chain every time.
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