Spring Cleaning, Both Inside and Out

Spring Cleaning Both Inside and OutPlanting flowers, cutting the grass and dusting off patio furniture may all be on your spring cleaning checklist this time of year, but as you get started on your outdoor to-dos, be sure to remember your roof, gutters, windows and doors.

From Top to Bottom

Roofs, especially, take a beating during winter months as they endure drastic temperature changes this can cause shingles to expand and contract. In preparation of spring storm season, it’s important to inspect your roof to identify and address any potential issues before serious damage occurs.

Gutters are another source of concern in preparation of rainy season. Be sure to check them for dirt, debris and other issues to prevent your home from potential water damage. Clogged gutters can cause water to back up and spill over the top, which can cause water damage to your roof, and leaky gutters can harm your foundation.

Windows and doors are also gateways for unwanted water to enter your home. Do a perimeter check while you clean them to prevent any issues later on. Make sure all doors and windows open and shut properly and ensure they are completely sealed. Even tiny gaps can let in water. Properly sealing all gaps can also help your home’s energy efficiency.

Don’t Underestimate Curb Appeal

Remember, a nice exterior can improve curb appeal and home value. So, whether you’re preparing for family gatherings, dinner parties and outdoor barbecues or possibly looking to sell your home, a well-cared home can make a significant welcoming impact.

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