Why You Should Keep Your Flashing in Good Condition

Having a proper residential roof installation means getting flashing installed. These are metal sheets designed to cover intersections on your roof. Flashings are placed around your chimney as well as on your roof’s valleys and vents. A common roofing problem is when they get damaged. Here’s why your flashings play an important role and why you need to maintain them.

Why You Should Keep Your Flashing in Good Condition

How They Work

Leaks and water damage are common causes of roof failure. Damage from water includes:

  • Rotting wood decking

  • Algae and mold growth

  • Dark stains on the interior

  • Cracks or stains in the ceiling

  • Shingle deterioration

  • Tilting chimney

  • Warped ventilation and/or skylight

Thankfully, your roof uses flashings to counter leaks. These metal sheets protect your intersections and potential leak areas from moisture and rain. They cover open areas and are caulked on top to keep the openings tightly sealed. This way, water won’t be able to penetrate your roof.

However, metal flashings need proper installation to work. If they aren’t added correctly, your roof is susceptible to water damage. To avoid frequent roof replacement, you need to do regular maintenance.

How to Maintain

First and foremost, you should inspect each of your flashings. They can come loose or get damaged over time, so regular inspection is a must. Loosened screws may fall off, or the installation area may naturally start wearing out. Get similar screws ready, and use them as replacements when necessary.

Small holes and cracks can appear over time. They can lead to water damage. They often occur due to corrosion or weather deterioration. Have some caulk at the ready to seal and cover these areas. You can also prepare an elastomeric coating to make the areas more water resistant and help them last longer. If the damage is serious, call for immediate roof repair.

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