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Why DIY Roof Repair Is Never Worth It

While it’s always satisfying to do work around the house, the roof is one of the few things you should leave to the professionals, especially if you’re planning roof replacement or repair work. Apart from the dangers, poor workmanship can lead to more critical problems.

Why DIY Roof Repair Is Never Worth It

In this post, Universal Roof and Contracting explains why it’s smarter to entrust your roof repair to the professionals.

DIY Repair Is Not Safe

The roof doesn’t always show you its true condition. On the surface, the roof might appear sturdy and secure, but it might give way the moment you step on it. Let’s not forget how dangerous a fall can be; you might just end up injuring yourself in the attempt. When it comes to shingle roof repair, trust the experts; we have all the necessary equipment to ensure a safe roof repair no matter the size of the project.

Improper Repair

While the roof is just one structure, it’s composed of several parts ranging from the shingles themselves to the underlayment beneath it. DIY roof repair puts you at risk of just addressing one part of the roof while completely ignoring the other. We can’t stress enough how dangerous improper repair is; for example, if you miss a leak, it will grow in size in a matter of weeks, becoming a bigger and more expensive problem that you’ll have to address again.

DIY Voids Warranties

Finally, doing DIY roof repair might end up voiding the warranty on your roof. Most roofing systems include fine print that specifically states that the warranty will be voided if someone other than a qualified and certified roofer will do work on it. This policy is ultimately for your protection as it safeguards you from poor workmanship.

As qualified and certified roofers, count on our experienced crew to do complete and proper roof repair. Universal Roof and Contracting also offers general roofing services and gutter installation. Call us today at (407) 278-2686 to learn more about our services. We offer shingle roof repair services throughout Orlando, FL.