Tile Roofs and Asphalt Shingles: An Honest Comparison

Roofing materials are a critical component of every home, whether you’re building a new or simply renovating your existing roof. The average home requires roof replacement after every 20 to 50 years. It’s preferable to do this task on the upper side of that limit. Universal Roof & Contracting recommends asphalt shingles and tiles. Here are some features and differences between them to help you choose.

Tile Roofs and Asphalt Shingles: An Honest Comparison


As the name suggests, asphalt roof shingles consist of asphalt. Asphalt shingles feature waterproof and heat-reflecting properties. Tile roofing is made from terracotta or slate, which are heavy and durable. Each material has pros and cons making the final choice a matter of preference for what each can offer.


Besides materials, aesthetics is the next important thing to consider. Several so-called designer asphalt shingles complement the color and style of any home. Roofing tiles give off an ornate aura and work more towards giving a simple yet elegant look. If you want versatility, consider asphalt shingles. For a more traditional look, roofing tiles are much more ideal.


Roofing tiles do indeed stand the test of time as they boast a lifespan of up to 100 years. Though not the ultimate reason to pick tiles, it is a strong pull in that direction. Tiled roofing rarely falters, and that’s an overwhelming plus in its favor. One thing that favors asphalt shingles is their ease of repair and replacement.

Environmental Impact

Picking sustainable building materials can make a house greener. Asphalt shingles lose out here because their materials come from petroleum. Roofing tiles win because they consist of terracotta, slate, concrete or clay. Take note that they are all sustainable materials.

Whichever roofing material you choose, know that both options have their own inherent pros and cons. Depend on Universal Roof & Contracting for asphalt shingle or tile roof repair and installation. Learn more about our services today. We serve homeowners in Orlando, FL, and nearby areas. Call us at (407) 278-2686 for a free estimate.