How Leaks Affect Your Home

No matter how strong your roofing material is, the daily strain that the weather places on it will eventually affect it in the long run. Cracks and loose shingles are some of the  most common problems that you may notice on your roof. These, however, lead to more serious problems, such as leaks. A leaky roof requires immediate repair as it can lead to costly problems. Universal Roof and Contracting, the local expert on roof repair, discusses some of the dangers of a leak:

Leaks Affect

Interior Damage

Cracks on your roof provide a way for water to enter your home. When this happens, the first area to receive damage would be your attic and the different items you store there. If your home does not have an attic, the water would then damage your walls, overhead fans and lighting.

Compromised Home Structure

A leak that’s left unchecked can further damage your rafters and ceiling. This can weaken the wooden framing of your home, causing deterioration. Damaged wood can cause paint to peal and a weak ceiling. Once your ceiling has been compromised, it can fall, which is dangerous to anyone caught beneath it.

Immediately attending to the needs of your roofing can help you avoid various problems. Universal Roof and Contracting offers quality roofing repair services that will fix your roof’s problems and help strengthen it. If we see that your roof is beyond repair, however, we will suggest roof replacement instead.

Mold and Mildew Growth

Pooling water on your roof and interior can lead to mold and mildew growth. This can further weaken your ceiling and damage your furniture. Its presence in your home can also lead to different health issues.

Universal Roof and Contracting can help fix your leaky roof. You can also count on us for quality residential roof installation services. Call us today at (407) 278-2686 in Orlando or (904) 416-1399 in Jacksonville to learn more about our roofing services. You can also request a free estimate. We serve Winter Park and nearby Florida communities.