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Dealing With Commercial Roof Blisters

There’s a multitude of complications that can arise during the course of your roofing system’s life span. Once such problem is roof blisters. A roof blister is a raised area where the roof loses adhesion. This area can fill up with air or water to form a blister – which looks like a bubble on your roof. If left untreated, a blister can grow exponentially and let moisture into your home. Then, the problem gets worse, needing more serious repairs and possibly even a full-on replacement.

Dealing With Commercial Roof Blisters

Experts agree that if a blister has opened it must be immediately repaired. Your commercial roofing contractor can decide when to repair unopened blisters.

Causes of Blisters

All blisters originate with the formation of a void or unadhered area in the mopping bitumen. They can occur either between the felt plies or between the substrate and the membrane.  One hundred percent adhesion is necessary during a roofing installation. It will prevent the formation of blisters in all conventional membrane systems.

Blisters on BUR Systems

On BUR (built-up roof) systems, it may be preferable to leave blisters alone. A commercial flat roof repair is only needed with an excessive loss of gravel or surfacing as well as membrane deterioration and blisters in laps that have reduced lap coverage. You may also want to get blisters fixed that have breaks or fatigue cracking.

Blisters on Modified Systems

In general, blisters that are keeping air in will keep water out. In this case, it may be preferable to leave them undisturbed, but always consult your roofer. You may need to repair blisters on a modified system if you see the same symptoms as described for BUR systems. The decision to repair blisters on your roof is often based on the size, nature and frequency of blisters.

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