5 Factors Affecting Roof Longevity

Planning a roof replacement ahead of time can save you money and effort. While you can do this upon spotting problems, you can also choose to start planning as early as the roof installation. This is possible thanks to several factors that affect a roof’s longevity. But, what are these factors, exactly?

5 Factors Affecting Roof Longevity

1. The Roof Material

You can predict how long your roof lasts depending on what material you use for installation. Different material options provide different advantages. For example, we offer asphalt shingles that are great for design variety. They last for about 20 years on average. Alternately, we also offer metal sheets that have fewer color options, but last much longer.

2. The Environment

Knowing is half the battle, and it’s important to understand your locality’s quirks. Specifically, you should keep in mind the climate and weather of the area. The frequency of storms, strength of wind and average rainfall can influence how well your material holds up.

3. The Pitch

Shingle roof repair can be influenced by the pitch of your roof. The pitch is the angle of your roof, which ranges from flat to a slope of 12 degrees. Remember that low pitches cost less to install and repair. Meanwhile, higher pitches can handle rain and snow with ease.

4. The Ventilation

Ventilation for heat and cold can affect both the HVAC costs and the lifespan of your roof. Undergoing radical changes in temperature (like the transition from winter to spring) can make the shingles expand and contract. With great ventilation, you increase its ability to withstand deformation due to climate and weather.

5. The Contractor

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that the right contractor makes all the difference. It’s their hands that will be responsible for how your roof is installed. Improper installation can ruin long-term roofing longevity.

So, when it comes to things like tile roof repair and the use of quality materials, look no further than Universal Roof and Contracting. We offer different style choices and services to improve your roofing.

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