4 Traits of a Good Roofing Contractor

You have made the step in deciding to get a new roof, and chances are it is your first time. You’ll need to hire the best person for the job to ensure that your roofing project is successful. So how do you decide who’s the best for your home, before and after the installation?  Here are some traits your selected roofer should have:

1. Properly Licensed

One of the most important requirements for a roofing company is having properly licensed staff. Licensing ensures that they are operating legally and able to protect their investments as well as yours.

2. Possesses Manufacturer Certifications

Roofers who are manufacturer-certified are specifically trained to install the manufacturer’s products. As a homeowner, if your roofing contractor is providing materials from a certain company, it helps to ask for some manufacturer certifications first to see whether they are qualified contractors.

3. Provides References

Roofing companies that claim to have been around for a long time may have worked with various clients and homeowners. Make sure to ask for a list of references regarding their past projects.

4. Possesses Excellent Communication Skills

Their ability to effectively communicate with you is highly valuable. An excellent roofing company always makes sure to relay necessary details of a project to their clients in an effective manner. This includes answering queries and concerns, providing estimates, and teaching homeowners the different materials so that they know all of their options. When it comes to professionalism, determine whether or not they were able to answer your questions sufficiently.

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