Roofing Tips: Granules and Roof Inspections

Cobble Stone RoofWhat are granules anyway?  Do they serve a purpose, or are they just for looks?  Can hail cause damage to them? Jared answers a homeowner’s question about granules, roof inspections and more!

Jared: All right, let’s go to a text question here. It says, “What is the purpose of the gritty surface on shingles? Is it only for fall protection? Can a home inspection fail for shingles with grit washed away?” Very good questions. Read Part I – Granules and Hail Damage

Now, the second part of the text question is, “Can a home inspection fail for shingles with grit washed away?” I’m assuming what you’re talking about is the inspection for buying or selling of a property, in which case, yes.

It is possible, if the roof is towards the end of its life or is too old, that you would have to do something with it before you could get a mortgage on it. Granules do fall off over time. What is the difference between a little bit of granule loss and a lot of granule loss – we can look at your roof and let you know about how much expected life span it has left. Thank you very much for your text question.

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