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Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Severe Weather

Lake Mary Healthy Living Magazine

Still timely, here is an archived article from Jared Mellick – President of Universal Roof & Contracting, Florida Building Contractor, WDBO Radio show “In the House” co-host, author, and Home Improvement expert. Since 2012, Jared and Universal Roof & Contracting have partnered with the Lake Mary Healthy Living Magazine in an effort to enlighten and inform its Seminole county readers – and beyond – about how the latest trends in Home Improvement and Construction may affect them and their families.
Remembering his article published in the June/July 2013 issue of Lake Mary Healthy Living Magazine, Jared advises homeowners how to prepare for the upcoming Hurricane season.

Tips for Getting Your Home Ready For Severe Weather

June 1 marks the beginning of the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season. While it has been several years since Central Florida experienced a hurricane,some form of severe weather is a certainty for us in the upcoming months. This time of year it is necessary to consider some important things you should do to prepare your family for the hurricane season.
You may remember that back in 2004, Central Florida had four hurricanes that hit within a very short period of time: most dramatically was Charlie – and then there was Frances, Ivan and Jeanne. The devastating damage that occurred was a result of three primary sources. The first source was tree damage, where entire trees or flying tree limbs impacted houses. The second source was existing roof damage – when loose roof shingles or tiles blew off, or exposed roof sections became wet. And the third source was storm damage caused by wind-driven rain, where forced moisture penetrated the home perimeter. We’ll be focusing on these three things – and what you can do in preparation for the upcoming hurricane season. By taking precautions right now, you can spare your home significant storm damage.

  • First, trim the trees around your house. Thin out the branches and remove all dead limbs. This is so important because it takes the weight out of the tree and allows wind to blow through the tree instead of blowing it over onto your home. This will also help preserve the tree you enjoy rather than have it ruined by strong winds. This process can be dangerous so be sure to hire a certified arborist or tree professional.
  • The second thing to consider while performing preventive storm maintenance is the damage that currently exists on your roof. An older roof may not be secure or may have loose or missing shingles. This instability is extremely common. Even newer roofs may have sustained recent hidden damage that you may not be aware of. These vulnerable areas will be more easily compromised by heavy wind gusts and rainfall. The integrity of your roof is key as the rainy season approaches. A good roof can resist moderate to high winds. Now is the best time to have it inspected – before the storm hits. Regular yearly inspections by a state licensed roofing professional are highly recommended. The repair of damage found early costs much less than a major roof repair or replacement and will prevent the need for expensive interior reconstruction.
  • The third major source of household storm damage is wind-driven rain. This occurs whenstrong winds combine with heavy rainfall within a short period of time. We saw much of this back in 2004 with Hurricane Jeanne, the last of the four consecutive hurricanes to hit the southeast. Many homeowners had stucco exteriors that were not thick enough – or they had large surface cracks – and inexpensive or poorly installed windows. These points of entry allowed the horizontal wind driven rain to blow into homes resulting in water damage that ruined floors and much of the interior. Be sure you closely examine the exterior of your home; seal and caulk all cracks in stucco, seal with good quality paint, and properly install high grade windows to ensure a tight perimeter. A good contractor can perform this type of inspection and make necessary repairs.

So this hurricane season, focus on the condition of these three important areas – your trees, your roof and your home’s exterior – by looking thoroughly at your roof and around the perimeter of your house. With a little effort you can stop – or at least minimize – the damage that could happen to your home during this season’s severe weather.
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