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Orlando Business Journal Features Universal Growth

Jim Carchidi

Photo: OBJ Jim Carchidi

Jared Mellick and Universal Roof & Contracting were recently featured in the Orlando Business Journal (OBJ), a leading resource for the latest local and national news on the business forefront. Susan Lundine, OBJ Managing Editor, recently reported,
This Orlando company’s secret to rapid expansion revealed…
As Universal Roofing Group Inc. added more and more services to its roster, it also saw its number of workers and revenue increase rapidly. The company — which grew its revenue 395 percent and its workforce 977 percent in the past four years — does business as Universal Roof & Contracting, as well as Universal Contracting.

Universal Roof & Contracting originally focused on residential roof repair and replacement, eventually adding sidingwindows, chimneys, gutters, insulation, skylights, stucco, painting and flashing services, and, most recently, a service division for smaller handyman-type jobs.”

Company President, Jared Mellick, responds with insights on the rapid growth at Universal Roof & Contracting.

Read the full article HERE.

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