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Community Works & Honduras Orphanages

Honduras Orphanage Donation BannerThis summer my oldest son and I had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Honduras. It was really an amazing experience. If you look at the poor in the United States, they are actually richer than most of the world… what we think of as poor compared to what we see in other countries is pretty incredible. We traveled with “Adventures In Christ” to a Honduran city that has been considered the murder capital of the world. But I knew that I was called to go there, and I trusted that the group we were traveling with was safe.
During our week there, we visited seven different orphanages. We met so many children, and the amount of pain and hopelessness that I saw was absolutely incredible. Some of these kids sleep on boards; many were malnourished. They have no ability to go to the hospital, and they literally don’t know where their next meal is coming from.
I met so many really sweet kids, and I just wanted to bring them home with me. The whole time I was there, I encountered only two dads that were fathers to their kids. To be fatherless… this is what these children know. They so desperately want the affection of a dad, and they need to be loved and cared for. You see, this ministry is really something that is close to my heart.
And so this year, as we were looking for something to do as a company to help people at Christmas, I thought it was fitting that our group raise money, donations and toys to send to Honduras as an encouragement to the many children in the orphanages we visited. I am grateful that families at Universal will be joining me to affect these special kids in a positive way. If you’d like more information about helping Honduras orphans, visit the Adventures In Christ Ministry website.
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