3 New Ways To Upgrade Your Roof Into A Natural Work Of Art

We understand: you don’t just want your forever roof to be functional, you also want it to be beautiful.

After all, who wouldn’t want to be able to step outside and look upon their own home with a sense of pride? As the external image of your home is what the world sees, it’s only natural that you’d want it to reflect how you feel when you get to enjoy the warmth and comfort of your life inside of it.

But how, then, do you infuse art into a roof of all things?

Don’t worry, it’s actually easier than you might assume. That’s why we’re here with our top three favorite roofing trends to help you get the ball rolling:

  • Leaning Into A New Color Palette

We’ll start with where a timeless classic meets plenty of timely options: paint. Simply put, one of the best ways to transform your home, get a little artistic, and liven up your overall space is to simply rejuvenate the surface color of your roof. Today, dynamic colors that liven up your curb appeal have become trendy, particularly when it comes to natural colors one might typically see in nature.

From gentle green hues to subtle taupes and pale blues that evoke the expansive sky, you can effectively wrap your home in the familiar tones of the surrounding world. Not only does this enhance the concept of your home as a designated space for relaxation (from the outside in, no less), but by varying the color palette itself, you can also create a contrasting aesthetic that is nothing less than eye-catching.

  • Going Green… Literally.

Looking to take that green-colored roof a step further? Try adopting a green roof, wherein you’ll literally get to grow healthy green vegetation across the expanse of your roof. Perfect for those who are seeking to enhance their eco-friendly homelife, green roofs aren’t just whimsical, bright, and beautiful  — they’re also energy efficient.

That is, green roofs aren’t just ideal for those seeking to cut their carbon footprint and grow an avant-garde home garden. Rather, by virtue of its natural shade, a green roof is apt to slash neatly through your energy bill, preventing the penetrative heat from intruding along the roof’s edges. Additionally, a green roof can mitigate rain-related roof damage, as the foliage will absorb rainwater that may have otherwise sat atop your property.

  • Considering Even Brighter Options

If you’re looking to stay in the world of environmental sustainability but are not yet satisfied with your options, we have good news: solar power for your home has been reimagined. After all, perhaps a green roof just isn’t your style, or maybe the plants themselves simply wouldn’t thrive in the regional climate of your home. In either case, solar shingles blend tradition and innovation to offer property owners everywhere a new alternative.

While solar roofs have been up and coming for quite some time now, the less-than-preferable curbside appeal of parge panel installations turned plenty of homeowners off of the idea. Make way for technology, though, because now photovoltaic shingles provide the best of both worlds: revolutionary solar energy with the classic aesthetic of clean-cut shingles. After all, who says art can’t involve a classic look on a new medium?

So, are you ready to upgrade your roof, both aesthetically and functionally? Because Universal Roof & Contractors is ready to help you find ultimate satisfaction.

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