11 Spring Cleaning Musts for Your Roof

Asphalt ShinglesSpring cleaning a roof is more than simply blowing off the fall leaves. Before you risk life and limb venturing out onto your roof, consider hiring a roofing contractor. Professional cleaning and maintenance allow you to stay on top of the little things…before they become major.

Roof Spring Cleaning Checklist:

For a thorough roof Spring Cleaning, ask your roofing contractor to do the following:

  1. Sweep off debris like trash, leaves, twigs and branches.
  2. Conduct a roof inspection to identify potential leaks.
  3. Check for any needed roof repair: replace damaged or worn shingles.
  4. Ask that the soffits be examined. Animals often nest in soffits. (The soffit is the board on the underside of a roof eave between a home’s siding and the outer edge of the roof.)
  5. The eaves should be checked to make sure they are in good condition
  6. The roofing contractor should check for signs of corrosion on metal roofs.
  7. If you have a chimney cap, it should be inspected.
  8. Ask for an inspection of areas around chimneys and pipes. These areas commonly leak.
  9. Clean external gutters in preparation for heavy rain or hurricane season activity such as high winds and heavy winds.
  10. If you have a ceramic tile roof, it’s essential to have the tiles inspected to ensure they remain securely in place.
  11. Take photos of the roof, especially areas in need of roof repair, for your records.

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