What Roofing Repair Companies Wish You Knew About Roof Repair

Nothing is more heartbreaking for professional roofing repair companies than turning up to a house only to realize a recent job by a competitor is a complete wash. They don’t want to charge you thousands of dollars to fix someone else’s poor workmanship. They don’t want to settle for patching the job while you scrimp and save for a redo either.

Avoid that scenario by arming yourself with the following roof repair truths:

Materials Matter

The cheapest roofing jobs use a product called rolled roofing. This is basically one long sheet of asphalt instead of tiles. It’s typically thinner than the lowest-cost shingles, and due to size, more likely to suffer damage during normal house settling. You wouldn’t spend much on a complete roof replacement using rolled roofing, but it would look horrible and last a year or two, at most. For this reason, rolled roofing is usually only suitable for small sheds and outbuildings.

Unfortunately, low-quality materials aren’t always that easy to identify. Work with a reputable roofer who uses brands known for durability, high-performance and good looks.

At Universal Roof and Contracting, we use roofing materials our customers will appreciate for decades after installation.

Experience Counts

Hands-on experience teaches you all the lessons the classroom doesn’t give you the opportunity to learn. What materials do best in your area’s climate? What sealants work the best to deter bugs? How do different brands hold up over time? What repairs are most common and how can professional roofers help prevent them during installation?

Experience also includes the relationships you build with customers and suppliers. Several years of good references are proof that your roofing company understands the physical and professional needs of property owners.

Professionalism Pays

Serious roofing companies don’t just deal with clients. They invest in continuing education by joining professional organizations – like the National Roofing Contractors Association – and operating a legal business, by securing the appropriate licenses and credentials needed to do business in Georgia. Amateurs who skip those steps leave you vulnerable to shoddy craftsmanship and greatly reduce the value of the jobs they perform. That is in addition to leaving you liable for worksite accidents.

Comparing roofing repair companies near Central Florida and Jacksonville, FL? Don’t forget to focus on the hidden qualities that count. It might mean doing a little extra homework, but your home will be better because of it. Get in touch with our team at Universal Roof and Contracting to find out more about our available materials, experience and professional designations. Give us a call at (407) 901-4444 today.[metaslider id=1231]Orlando Florida Residential Services