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The roof is one of the most expensive parts of the home, so it makes sense to work only with the best contractor that you can find. As you’re choosing from a selection of roofers, you should know what questions to ask them.

After a major storm does significant damage to your home, you might be asking, “Will homeowners insurance cover a new roof?” The answer depends on your policy and the previous state your home. Universal Roof and Contracting will show you how to establish motivation for...

As homeowners, you’ll soon discover that your home will experience various issues related to comfort, general aesthetics, and energy efficiency. It’s a little-known fact that the roof contributes the most to these three aspects, so you should prioritize it when you’re doing home maintenance and not just roof replacement.

Although commercial roofing systems tend to generally be stronger than their residential counterparts, they do experience challenges entirely unique to them. As a business owner, the general state of your commercial roof should be a priority because it protects your investment.

Your home’s roof is more than just a static piece for your exteriors. It’s responsible for keeping you safe throughout the year. Its responsibility extends even further by helping regulate your home’s comfort levels through ventilation and serving as a primary aesthetic keystone of your home.

For the Second Year in a Row, Universal Roof and Contracting Jacksonville has gone above and beyond in customer service and experience to receive the Pulse of the City Award. What are Some ways we have earned This?  Highly Qualified Estimators and Roof Replacement Experts We...