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Universal Roof & Contracting Announces Innovative Metal Roof Replacement Offerings

Slate RoofUniversal Roof & Contracting is now pleased to offer their customers Metstar Stone Coated Metal Roofing Systems.  There’s only one word for this type of product line: innovation.  Mellick’s impression of Metstar’s roofing systems: “…there are so many advantages to metal roofing. It’s not being thrown away every 10, 15 or 20 years like traditional asphalt shingles – which increases landfills – and it is more energy efficient than shingles are, and it is not a petroleum-based product.  So…more energy efficient, better for the environment… metal roofs in general are better.  So the whole principle of Metstar is that they create a product which normally only the very rich can afford, but now is more affordable for the everyday type of guy…”
Read the full press release at PRWeb.

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