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Tips for Improving Your Yard – Ahmed Hassan, ITH Guest Expert

Ahmed Hassan ITH GuestLast weekend, Universal Roof & Contracting was one of dozens of home improvement and outdoor living exhibitors at the Central Florida Home and Garden Show in the Orange County Convention Center. We featured samples and displays in roofing, siding and windows, gave away a bunch of prizes, and our home improvement experts visited with hundreds of show guests seeking insight & inspiration.
On Sunday afternoon, company president and radio show host, Jared Mellick had the pleasure of interviewing expert landscaper and Yard Crasher, Ahmed Hassan during the In the House show broadcast. Here, Ahmed shared with our Central Florida listeners some of his own expert recommendations on improving your yard. From Sunday’s In the House:
Jared: We have a lot of great listeners; many of them are do-it-yourselfers. What are some tips for those people; what can they do at home to make their yard better?
Ahmed: Compost is the single best element that you can utilize in your garden – everywhere in your garden.  Central Florida suffers from sandy soil; you don’t even have soil, you just have sand.  Sand doesn’t hold on to water, doesn’t hold on to nutrients. Water just goes right through it. So the best thing you can add to that sand to help it is liberal amounts of compost. You can easily work that into your beds and amend, as we call it, your beds. But even when it comes to your turf – everybody’s trying to grow St. Augustine out here, and it just can’t hold enough water for it. So sprinkle compost all over your entire lawn. Then take a nice, good, stiff yet flexible rake and rake that compost back and forth over your sod or over your lawn – so it’s not covering up your grass blades. What you’re doing is you’re adding organic matter to your soil. Organic matter is going to release and give you nutrients; it’s going to help you hold the water. It’s going to help your plants to actually be able to live. So unless you have full sun, and some regular water and a good amount of organic matter in your soil here in Central Florida, it isn’t happening.
Listen every Sunday at 2pm to “In The House with Ken & Jared” on WDBO’s News Talk FM96.5. Visit us online at Universal Roof & Contracting or call us now for a free estimate on your next Home Improvement Project. 407-295-7403. And for more outdoor living expert advice from Ahmed, visit AmedHassan.TV.