Why Commercial Roofs Are Flat

You might be wondering why commercial properties prefer flat roofs. It might not seem effective in a residential setting. However, the truth is that the flat roof provides several important benefits to the companies and property owners. Read on to see what it means to use flat roofs as told by your trusted commercial roofing contractor, Universal Roof and Contracting.

Why Commercial Roofs Are Flat

Cost-Cutting Choice

In terms of costs, flat roofs are the best option for commercial buildings. This is because slopes require more protective measures and tools. Additional framing and materials mean more expenses. It’s also tougher to cover a slope depending on the size of the property.

Different Appeal

When you have a flat roof, there is little to no room for aesthetics. This is perfect for commercial buildings since the cost for maintaining slopes is higher. It’s also more formal and professional in appearance.

Wind Resistance

Wind can be destructive to roofs in residential areas. The shingles can get torn off by its speed. That’s why flat roofs are easier for commercial roofing. The low pitch makes it less likely for wind to have any damaging effects. Commercial flat roof repair can fix these issues easily should the roof get damaged.

Equipment Space

Unlike sloped roofs with limited attic space, a flat roof gives extra room for important equipment. This is the space for air conditioning, heating and other machinery. Whereas residential roofs must install these items in whatever additional space they have, commercial roofs have all the real estate they need up top.


From both an aesthetic and a practical point of view, commercial roof installation cannot use sloped roofs. The size and scope of a building would cost more than regular repairs or replacement.

In addition, certain cities and municipalities place height limits for commercial buildings. With a flat roof, you save space and money, and manage to extend the vertical space of your property without violating these height limits.

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