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The Commercial Benefits of Flat Roofs

In the more commercial side of the city, you may notice that most buildings would prefer to use a flat roof instead of the traditional pitched design we are used to in residential properties. If you ask your local commercial roofing contractor, they would tell you about the different benefits of having a flat roof, which may even help you decide to have it on your own property.

The Commercial Benefits of Flat Roofs

In today’s post, Universal Roofing and Contracting explains why flat roofs make sense for businesses.


Commercial buildings are made with a specific idea or purpose in mind. Using flat roofs is more economical since it’s simple and easy to install. It uses fewer materials and labor to create, making it easier to install than a pitched roof. Plus, most buildings do not place importance on the roof for their curb appeal, unlike in actual houses.

Easier Inspections

Since commercial buildings are used by many offices and retail stores, there are many pieces of equipment like vents, solar panels and even vegetation placed on it. Because of this, multiple inspections are necessary, and having a pitched roof would only pose danger to workers. With a flat roof, however, roof inspectors can easily walk over the roof and spot issues. Performing a commercial flat roof repair is likewise less tasking.

Maximized Space

Commercial buildings are often used for offices that need crucial room for the workforce. Flat roofs offer the space needed for this. Though it may not look as aesthetically appealing, the use of long-span trusses allows for more room inside the building compared to the short ones used by residences.

These benefits are why some homeowners even elect to install a flat roof these days. If you need commercial roof installation or repair, Universal Roof and Contracting can provide the impeccable service and high-quality products you deserve. Call us today at (407) 278-2686 for a free estimate. We offer our services to the Orlando, FL, area.