Solutions to Common Commercial Roofing Problems

Commercial roofs are constantly exposed to the elements, even more so than their residential counterparts. So, it is normal for a commercial roof to develop problems over its life span. What’s important is that you take appropriate action, including commercial flat roof repair, once any of the following problems become apparent.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are only noticeable indoors when water intrusion has already gone through several layers of roofing. Immediate repairs are needed as this issue could disrupt your business operations for days. We also recommend taking a proactive approach to your roofing care by sticking to a scheduled maintenance routine. A well-maintained roof will last longer and cost you less for its upkeep.

Blow-Offs or Tenting

This typically happens to single-ply roofing that isn’t adhered or welded properly: high winds easily get into open seams, similar to what happens when you wear a button-down shirt on a windy day. Since this is rooted in improper installation, make sure your commercial roofing contractor has workmanship warranty coverage. If your roof is up for replacement, make it a point to choose a contractor with considerable experience in commercial roofing.

Pooling Water

Pooling water is a common problem with flat roofs. The truth is, “flat” roofs aren’t supposed to be flat: they should have a slight slope that allows proper drainage. This shouldn’t be a problem if you hired a licensed building contractor since there are building codes that pertain to correct slopes for flat roofs. However, unevenly installed outer roofing can also be a problem, which shouldn’t happen if it was installed by an experienced roofer.


Single-ply roofing can be punctured by foot traffic or sharp objects, but it can be repaired using patches. While solutions like fiberglass strips do exist, it’s better to make sure you plan ahead about how you will use your roof. If your roof is up for replacement, consider commercial roofing systems like built-up roofing, which is more suitable for high-traffic roofs.

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