4 Tell-Tale Signs You Should Replace Your Old Roof

Never wait for leaks to start springing up before planning a roof replacement. This is true whether you own a residential or commercial property. For the latter, a leaking roof can disrupt your operations and revenues. Here’s what Universal Roof & Contracting suggests.

4 Tell-Tale Signs You Should Replace Your Old Roof

If you see these four signs, it’s time to start planning for a residential or commercial roof installation:

1. Age: Every Roof Has an Expected Lifespan

A roof’s expected lifespan can be anywhere from 20 to 50 years. It depends on the type of roofing and its regular maintenance and repairs. You can get this information from your warranty, or the installation contract. If not, you should have your roof inspected by a professional.

2. Cost: Energy Consumption Increases

Moisture can cause roof insulation to form clumps. Spikes in your energy consumption may mean that rainwater is getting into your home and affecting your insulation. As this may not be immediately noticeable, it’s best to stick to a regular maintenance schedule.

3. Seams: Loose Adhesives and Fasteners

Roofing adhesives and fasteners should last as long as the roof itself. Inspect your roof seams to determine if air is getting into the substrate. A residential and commercial roofing contractor like Universal Roof & Contracting can fix loose seams. Still, all roofing systems reach a point where repairs may no longer do.

4. Visual Signs: Extensive Damage

Suppose your roof got hit by debris or hurricane-force winds. You may have the choice between repairs or a new installation. By choosing the latter, you can start with a clean slate. You can address structural issues and even switch to a better roofing type. Whatever you choose, we can give you the best roof your commercial property deserves.

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